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Cruz: Obama Should Apologize to Nation in State of the Union

"The pattern we"ve seen over and additionally over once more using this president will be he says he"s sorry and the particular man http://housewifeserie.com/hairypussy/ expresses outrage but he then doesn"t fix the actual problem."
"For the actual State with the Union, one of the items President Obama actually ought to complete can be appear inside the TV camera along with say for the over 5 million Americans throughout this country who"ve had their insurance canceled because regarding Obamacare, to look inside the camera and say, "I"m sorry " I advised a person should you like your medical wellness insurance plan, you can keep it," the particular Texas senator mentioned in Deal With the particular Nation upon Sunday.

With the actual bungled launch regarding HealthCare.gov as well as the Inexpensive Treatment Act causing millions losing http://housewifeserie.com/hairypussy/ their particular healthcare coverage, Ted Cruz urged the particular president to utilize Tuesday"s State in the Union address in order to apologize to the American people.
Cruz: Obama Ought To Apologize in order to Nation in State with the Union | National Review Online

But the particular president match his phrases along with action, Cruz said. ""I told anyone in the wedding you much like your doctor, you tend to be in the position to keep the doctor, and that wasn"t correct " I"m sorry.""

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